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Born in London in 1964, and brought up in Spain, Bernardo Moya has unrivalled experience in the world of self-help. Bernardo is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter to some of the biggest names in Personal Development. He is editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine and CEO of NLP Life Training, the company that took over organisation of Paul McKenna’s seminars in the UK, after Paul’s move to Beverly Hills in 2008. He is well experienced in organising, publicising and running large seminars and is hugely interested in new media, traditional broadcast and print media - as his editorship of The Best You reveals.

Bernardo’s passion for personal development was first ignited while running his property development company in Spain. Soon after reading Paul McKenna’s Change Your Life in 7 Days, he enrolled on his first NLP Practitioner course, with Paul McKenna Training Ltd.

True to his ambition, within a few years Bernardo was running seminars for Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler through NLP LIFE TRAINING. He formed the company in 2008 before Paul left for the US, taking over from Paul McKenna Training Ltd in providing high quality NLP training and events throughout the UK and Europe.

These included Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin - Weight Loss Live at the Excel Centre, Richard Bandler’s NLP courses in Kensington, London, Richard Bandler and Gabe Guerrero’s Get The Life You Want in Madrid and Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler and Michael Neill’s Change Your Life in 3 Days seminar at Wembley Stadium.


"I attended an NLP seminar in London organized by the author of this book, Bernardo Moya. I was very impressed by the course and since then I've become very interested in reading about personal development, coaching and self-help. This book is very agile, direct and full of inspirational quotes. I like how Bernardo uses comments from many great thinkers so captivatingly - and transmits a message of how to achieve security and optimism. Thank you Bernardo! ". Lucy Gilkes

"123 Ways To Look At Life in its audiobook format has allowed me to separate from my obsessions and the responsibilities that bind me every day and understand how little it takes to see life differently". John Purnell

"I implemented many tips after hearing Bernardo's audiobook. It's really amazing how good breathing techniques and NLP have helped me feel more confident. I know it takes time to feel confident in yourself, especially if you've always been an insecure person, but I now feel like I can do it! Thanks to Bernardo's words and advice I can change my life ". Sarah Hackett


This book is directed to those who want to go through life truly living it, and not feeling as if they barely made it through. This brief book, packed full of advice and quotes which affirm the marvellous culture which each and every one of us is a part of, invites us to drink fully from the cup of life, to enjoy it, and to play an active role within a collective of ideas, projects, and dreams which can lead us, together, towards new ways of feeling, learning, and looking at life. In brief, it allows us to enter into ourselves, in a brave yet subtle exploration, to discover our own confidence, our motivation, to determine what our priorities are, and to see what in our life has turned into a burden that we need to let go of.

"This book helps us assess what's really important. During times of uncertainty, stress and difficulty it helps us focus on the things that make us what we are. Whatever problems we have to face, remember, it's often the small things that really make the difference".

This book is made up of short chapters, each with advice and quotes, and is a sort of ‘manual’ in user-friendly terms, humorous and persuasive. It draws on great thoughts expressed in the classics and by other contemporary authors. It includes narratives on personal discovery such as Never Give Up, Observe, Accept, Be Like Water, Be Useful, Visualise, Listen; sections on creativity and the internal struggle, among which the following stand out: Be More Charismatic, Enjoy Life, Results, Accept and Embrace Criticism; passages on emotions, such as Happiness, Beauty, Have a Laugh, Inner Smile; and many others addressing our confidence, family, love, charisma, friendship, time, and enjoyment of life. Bernardo Moya teaches, helps, mentors, inspires and convinces us!





During pivotal times such as the ones we are living in, when everything seems to be sinking beneath our feet and we struggle to find answers; when we live in a world that seemed stable and lasting until a few decades ago, one in which hundreds of civilisations have matured and amassed a body of knowledge which we have inherited, yet we lose some of it daily; when we live on a beautiful planet with a sun, a moon and oceans which have always claimed our love and which today we are concerned about potentially losing; in a time such as this, so fragile, we must change our perspective, and books such as 123 Ways to Look at Life, by Bernardo Moya, are simply essential. 123 Ways To Look At Life is for those looking for ideas, inspiration, guidance, direction, motivation - and that special spark in your life. 123 Ways To Look At Life is brimming with ideas expressed neatly and directly - because "a few wise words are enough." Bernardo makes you think, follow your curiosity, investigate and wonder "what if ...".

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